Coda Story’s 2022 Bruno Reporting Fellowships

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Applications are now open for the second of three 2022 Bruno Reporting Fellowships to fund an enterprise feature relevant to Coda Story’s topics of interest. The 2022 Fellowships support three 3-month reporting projects that culminate in a notable story to be published on Coda’s website and editorial partners’ websites. 

The Bruno Reporting Fellowship is designed to benefit early career journalists working in countries where journalism is under-resourced and the issues pertinent to Coda’s editorial concerns are under-scrutinized. Journalists working in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and Africa are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants must have excellent written and spoken English and have a track record of writing reported pieces in English. 

The Fellowship offers a $5,000 honorarium to cover payment for the story. Pre-approved expenses will be covered separately. Throughout the fellowship, the reporter will benefit from mentorship, guidance and editorial support from Coda’s editors and staff. The Fellowship recipient is expected to spend 8 weeks reporting and writing, and 4 weeks working with an editor prior to the publication of an enterprise feature. The published stories resulting from the Fellowship are expected to range from approximately 4,000 – 5,500 words.

Coda’s work is animated by the understanding that the world is being overtaken by overarching storylines rapidly coming into view that inform virtually every facet of politics, from the local to the global.  These storylines – whether the disinformation campaigns that are feeding the war on science or the new technologies strengthening growing authoritarianism – are the crises that Coda covers relentlessly and with singular focus. To more fully understand Coda’s editorial approach, visit Coda’s website.

The Bruno Reporting Fellowship is sponsored by the Bruno Foundation, set up by journalist and writer Martin Walker. Walker is a celebrated international reporter, historian and author of the popular Bruno detective series. Bruno’s eponymous protagonist has a distinct sense of justice, intrigue, and tenacity – traits the Bruno Fellowship celebrates. 

Applications are due at 11:59pm GMT on July 20, 2022. 

To apply for the fellowship, please fill in this Google Form, which will ask you to submit:

  • Up to 500 words outlining why your story matters, which of our beats (authoritarian tech, disinformation, the war on science) it fits, potential characters, how and where it has been previously covered (and how you’re moving it on) and why you’re the right person to execute it. 
  • Reporting plan and a budget for any travel, reporting and research expenses.
  • Resume.
  • A brief cover letter indicating why the fellowship is right for you.
  • Three published clips.

All files should be uploaded to the Google Form in .pdf format, at no more than 5MB each, with the naming convention LASTNAME_Documentname.

Coda Media is a 501(c)3 media company that focuses on the roots of cross-border crises. Our mission is to investigate the matrix of stories that are shaping our world, to empower our readers with a sense of true, contextual understanding of stories shaping their lives, and to help journalism re-imagine how to cover complex crises in an accessible and engaging way that doesn’t strip the events of their inherent complexity. Coda’s stories live on digital platforms, podcasts, and in videos and film. 

This year is a departure from the 2021 Bruno Fellowship, which supported one 9-month reporting project. All inquiries contact We will do our best to answer all emailed questions but no phone calls please.

The story you just read is a small piece of a complex and an ever-changing storyline that Coda covers relentlessly and with singular focus. But we can’t do it without your help. Show your support for journalism that stays on the story by becoming a member today. Coda Story is a 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit. Your contribution to Coda Story is tax deductible.

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