K-pop Giant YG Entertainment joins FSC in the fight against deforestation

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The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Korean music brand YG Entertainment Inc. Building on YG Entertainment's success in Korean pop, this strategic partnership aims to expand FSC's mission and environmental influence, with a view to keeping forests healthy for future generations.May 5, 2022Share With Friends


This partnership comes at a crucial time when many companies are leading initiatives to ensure their products do not contribute to deforestation, given the growing threats facing the world's forest ecosystems.

YG's global reach is a great opportunity to connect and raise awareness among people of all age groups about the importance of forests being managed responsibly.

This music producer is already taking steps to make the production of albums environmentally sustainable, where global artists, including BLACKPINK and TREASURE, have opted for FSC certified paper and the coatings of their albums and merchandising are based on soy and water.

Hwang Bo-kyung, CEO of YG Entertainment said, “Through this agreement, we will use FSC-certified paper more actively in our albums and gradually expand the scope. As we have been making innovative attempts as K-pop leaders, we will continue to look for ways to raise environmental awareness.”

This partnership takes place two years after FSC established its offices in Korea (2020), which allowed the launch of several projects that aim to further connect a responsible forest in the daily lives of the people of this country, allowing consumers, now fans of K-pop, become guardians of the world's forests.

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