Social Impact Assessment in A Community Forests


The existence of a business entity that grows in the community is inseparable from the existence of an impact on the performance of the environmental situation around the operation. Therefore in the process of identifying the impact of operation the environmental and social considerations includes both positive and negative. aspects

Social impact on community forest management is necessary to prepare and develop where the social capital is a key. Social capital is still a long discussion. In the context of practice, forest management by the community or often termed community-based forest management (PHBM) is still a scientific debate related to community capacity and forest sustainability guarantees. Various gaps in theory and practice that led to different assessments of PHBM performance.

In another hand environmental issues have always been intensified. Whether awareness of us is great or in know consciousness environmental challenges always have an impact on living things, especially humans. the adverse impact on the environment is a loss for mankind without exception.

Understanding the Problem is a Key

Understanding the problems in the surrounding environment can help upgrade the performance of management. The social dynamics in sustainable community forest management are quite high. This dynamic can be bridged by recognizing the character and ability of managers to identify expectations and reality.

The impacts of forest management on small, medium, and large scales are usually identified to further identify activities that could and won't be ably carried out. By considering the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the surroundings, management will be more self-aware of the potential negative impacts that may arise.

A social impact analysis on several samples consisting of the surrounding community and partners in the field. It is hoped that this activity will be able to obtain a complete picture of the social situation by examining the various sub-systems in people's lives as well as the economy of the surrounding environment.

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